Successful healthcare design requires a design team with uncompromising attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of hospital and healthcare systems.  With Harrell Design Group’s experience in the design of more than 100 healthcare projects we have garnered the expertise needed to complete a quality project in the time and budget allotted.


Carilion Healthcare Giles Community Hospital
New Replacement Hospital


giles hospital

This new hospital facility provides emergency, primary care, and fast track services as well as outpatient care and space for administrative services. The central energy plant includes two 500 kw emergency generators operated in parallel, two 600 ton chillers, new fully redundant boilers and all required medical gas and ancillary systems.  The site is located in a newly developed healthcare park which required full new utility infrastructure systems.
The facility design incorporates significant energy saving features and is designed to LEED certification requirements.  The building has facilities for future electric and hybrid recharging stations and incorporates bike racks and shower facilities.  Use of day-lighting through internal skylights was incorporated into the building design as well.  The mechanical and electrical systems design includes provisions for portable standby generators and portable chillers should catastrophic failure of the buildings systems infrastructure occur.  The facility is designed to operate in a completely self-sustaining mode for up to 96 hours.  HDG provided all mechanical, electrical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and low voltage systems engineering.




Captain James A. Lovell VA Medical Center
Construct Green House Nursing Home Facility


James A. Lovell VA Medical Center

A Green House home is created from the ground up to foster the same feeling and experience residents receive from living in a real home. The project scope of work consists of a 10,000 square foot, $4.8 million dollar, single story home that is constructed of conventional wood framed walls and engineered roof trusses placed on a concrete slab on grade floor with an insulated concrete frost wall foundation.
The Green House home is designed for 10 to 12 private resident “apartments”. These apartments include bathrooms and bedrooms with ample sunlight and located within the building to allow easy access to a living room with a common hearth, a library, an open kitchen and communal dining area, keeping it flexible and maintaining a warm feel. The comfort of private rooms and bathrooms are combined with the family-like design features of open common spaces that create a real home aesthetic and atmosphere.
Each home is reflective of the surrounding community and is characterized by elements that are “warm, smart, and green”. A warm home is a welcoming place of comfort, safety and refuge. The interior materials, colors and furnishings project a sense of belonging for those living and working in the home. Smart technology is used to create a comfortable and safe environment that fosters the well-being of residents and those who work with them. A green environment is one that supports growth through meaningful interactions with life-enhancing natural resources, such as plants, natural light and therapeutic outdoor spaces.




Carl Vinson VA Medical Center
15B In-Patient Ward Renovation


Harrell Design Group, PC provided design and estimating services for an In Patient Ward Renovation at the Carl Vinson VAMC in Dublin GA. This renovation was part of the VA’s Cultural Transition to patient-centered care. A former 8,400 SF Call Center now provides thirteen private patient rooms each equipped with a private, ADA- compliant bathrooms. The new, acute care unit reinforces the decentralized nursing concept, through bedside charting, nurse and caregiver collaboration stations, and off-stage, private locations for caregiver locker rooms and conference rooms.
The project included two new nominal 20,000 cfm outdoor air handling units with redundant fans served from variable frequency drives, a new steam-to-hot water heat exchangers, replacement of pneumatically-controlled fan coil units with new hot water reheat terminal units with DDC controls, and new isolation room and general exhaust systems with variable frequency drives. New heating hot water pumps with variable frequency drives were installed. The project included replacement of all existing lighting fixtures with new energy efficient fixtures in a task-based layout, new dual occupancy ceiling mounted occupancy sensors for lighting controls, and low flow plumbing fixtures with sensor flush valves and faucets.
The design and project management was completed according to Veterans Affairs Design and Construction Criteria. Design options were presented in a 3-D interactive format so that the client could experience the renovated facility prior to completion of construction.

Carl Vinson VA Medical Center Carl Vinson VA Medical Center




Carl Vinson VA Medical Center
Endoscopy Suite and Clinic


Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

This project consisted of renovation of the first floor of the VAMC Dublin’s CLC Facility to provide a new Endoscopic Suite. The Suite provides three procedure rooms, associated pre and post procedure spaces, scope cleaning and storage, PACU and nurse station, exam rooms, offices, and other support spaces.
The floor plan, design finishes, and colors were selected to support the VA’s culture change initiative so that the Suite will have a less institutional feel.
The new Suite is served by a new air handler located in a new equipment yard. A single duct VAV system with hot water reheat at each terminal unit will serve the new spaces.
Other new systems include nurse call and medical gases tied into existing systems, complete renovation of the fire sprinkler system, access control at doors, telephone and data, flexible lighting systems, and a bariatric lift in at least one procedure room.
Architecturally, fitting an Endoscopy Suite into a linear 1940’s hospital ward wing posed unique challenges. However, through intensive face to face three dimensional interactive design meetings with the VA, HDG provided a complete.
Endo unit with particular attention paid to infection control issues. By locating the unit's entrance along the wing's center area, the unit provides carefully planned organizational hierarchy, separating lobby and administrative areas from clinical and back of house function




James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center
New Behavioral Health Building


Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

Harrell Design Group, PC completed work on a new Behavioral Health Building at the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The facility will provide diagnostic and treatment planning, evaluations, cognitive and psychological assessment services, patient education, and consultation services. It will also provide individual, group, family, psychotherapy, and pharmacotherapy treatment services. Designed to comply with the VA’s patient privacy standards and mental health guidelines, the building program included staff, trainee, and administrative offices, therapy spaces, conference rooms, waiting areas, and a library for educational and bibliotherapy materials.

    Multiple sites were evaluated. Critical site selection and design issues included:
  • Patient privacy: It was important that the patients be able to enter the facility discreetly. Although all of the potential sites were near the campus entrance, the design team worked to situate the building and the building entrance so that patients did not feel like “everybody is watching me” enter the Behavioral Health Building.
  • Access to other services: By properly situating the building and laying out the floor plan, our design team enabled the new Behavioral Health Building to easily access the Hospital pharmacy, administration, other clinics, etc. As with the previous point, connection to the main Hospital building was discreet to protect patient privacy.
As the project progressed, the design addressed the unique needs of a behavioral health facility through the use of mechanical systems and duct design which produces very low level, consistent noise (no loud startup “bump”), lighting systems which don’t flicker, colors which are soothing, flooring materials and patterns which flow and cannot be mistaken for holes, bumps, or ice. Additionally, HDG utilized the knowledge gained on our Patient Safety Renovation projects to insure compliance with the VA’s patient safety guidelines.




Carl Vinson VA Medical Center
Renovate 11B Surgery Suite


Harrell Design Group, PC worked with the Dublin VAMC on a project that will provide for demolition of existing structures and systems on the 2nd floor of Building 11B, and construct new structures and systems for a new state of the art surgical suite. Each new operating room is provided with an anesthesia and equipment booms to allow maximum flexibility to rotate the operating room table for a wide variety of cases. The project required installation of a new air handling unit, new HEPA filter air supply system, new low wall air return (exhaust) grills, and new isolated power panels.

  • Carl Vinson VA Medical Center
  • Carl Vinson VA Medical Center
    The project consisted of renovation of the second floor of the Carl Vinson VAMC’s existing Nursing Home facility. When complete the project will provide:
  • Two Operating Rooms
  • Surgical Support service areas
  • Two preoperative patient cubicles
  • Four postoperative patient cubicles
  • Waiting and check-in space
  • Staff and administrative areas
  • Support spaces
At the outset, few healthcare architects would believe a fully functional operating suite could have fit within a 1940’s military hospital wing. Yet, by intensive planning, with particular attention to ICRA and non-cross contamination compliance, a 2 OR suite was achieved, with pre and pacu bays, staff lounge, waiting area, and support spaces. Using HDG's close connections with medical equipment manufacturers assured the VA that the necessary state of the art medical equipment booms would fit with the tight 12 foot floor to structure parameter.




Carl Vinson VA Medical Center
Design Mental Health Facility


Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

The intent of this project is to design a new Outpatient Mental Health Facility at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center. The scope of work includes the relocation of the existing Mental Health Clinic and Substance Abuse Clinics, which are presently located in Buildings 15A and 5B into the new building.
The domestic water system design will include both cold and hot water circulation loops to comply with the new legionella prevention guidelines and the VA Plumbing Design Manual.
The cold water system will be continuously circulated such that only the final run-outs to the fixtures or groups of fixtures shall not be under continuous circulation. Run-out lengths will be minimized in accordance with the VA Plumbing Design Manual so that uncirculated cold water volumes in each run-out shall be less than or equal to the amounts indicated in the manual.
The hot water system design will include a recirculation loop that sends 140-degree-F water to all fixtures that use it and provide tempering valves as closely as practical to the fixture. Un-circulated run-outs will be minimized so that the amount of water in the run-out will again be less than that allowed in the Design Manual. The recirculation pump(s) shall cycle on and off so that hot water is never held below 130 degrees F in the circulated loop.




Martinsburg VA Medical Center
Women’s Wellness Center


Martinsburg VA Medical Center

Harrell Design Group, PC is providing design and construction period services for the Women’s Wellness Center at the Martinsburg VA Medical Center. The project includes a Women’s Outpatient Clinic and a 15 bed CLC Women’s residential unit with private bedroom and baths. The center will provide a full continuum of patient centered care for women veterans.
The project design will include a reception/waiting area, children’s area, interview/education room, medications room, exam rooms, procedure room, toilets, support areas for medical and housekeeping staff, and office and support areas for administration. The project is designed with a patient-centered concept utilizing centralized examination and treatment rooms combined with physician offices to allow multiple specialists to care for the patient in the same room, in lieu of the patient having to continually move to separate specialty clinics for care.
HDG is providing investigative work pertaining to the existing structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems to provide a complete and constructible design. This process includes 3D digital laser scanning of the site and all support infrastructure systems.




Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center
4A Nursing Home Renovation


Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center

HDG is currently working with the VA engineering and Nursing Home staff and users to completely re-design the existing facility. The current design provides 20 private bedrooms, a library, dining room, family room, spa, salon, and other support spaces.  The design also includes a medication room, clean and soiled utility rooms, and additional support and utility spaces. The facility will be served by a new rooftop HVAC unit as well as all new plumbing and electrical distribution systems and medical gasses.




Atlanta VA Medical Center
Halls and Walls Renovation


Atlanta VA Medical Cente

The Halls and Walls project consists of the renovation of corridors, waiting rooms, check-in desks, entry vestibules and out-patient pharmacy, and eye clinic check-in/out window and waiting areas.  To facilitate the design process HDG interviewed the hospital’s doctors, nurses, facility personnel, and patients.  The end result is a warmer, less institutional feel and check-in/out areas designed with patient privacy in mind.




Our experience in the design of more than 30 dental projects has provided us with a thorough knowledge of Dental Clinic design and equipment planning.

Harrell Design Group’s dental clients include:

  • Dr. Christopher Anene & Associates, Charlotte, NC
  • Armstrong & Eshleman, PA,  Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Terry Callison, DDS, Cornelius, NC
  • Dr. Ed Porter, DDS, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Erron Brady, Brady Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Marti Cherry, DDS, PA, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Jason Clark, Clark Pediatric Dentistry, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Gregory C. Gell, DDS, Concord, NC
  • Dr. Gregory C. Gell, DDS, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Spencer Hodnett, Hodnett Orthodontics, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Joseph Jakubek, DDS, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. James Park, DDS, Mint Hill, NC
  • Dr. Ken Miles, DDS, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Tate Langdon, DDs, Charlotte, NC
  • Langley Family Dentistry, Charlotte, NC
  • Mountain Island Family Dentistry, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Miller, Miller General Dentistry, Troutman, NC
  • Mountain Island Family Dentistry, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Murchison & Zekan Family Dentistry, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Gene Olsen, DDS, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Beth Peckham, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Prevette, Southpark Cosmetic Dentistry, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Greg Valeriano, Valeriano Orthodontics, Charlotte
  • Dr. Smita Warrier, Warrier Dentistry, Charlotte, NC
  • Kelly & Kelly Family Dentistry, Gastonia, NC
  • Dr. Chad Johnson, DDS, Harrisburg, NC
  • Dr. Bridgette Lorigan, DDS, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Thomas Ferrell, Ferrell Family Dentistry, Kannapolis, NC
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