Project Description

Nashville VA Medical Center

Replace AHU 3A for Sterile Processing Supply

Nashville, TN

Project Details


Harrell Design Group, PC is providing the design for the replacement of the outdated, problematic air handing unit system serving Sterile Processing Supply for proper monitoring, control, optimization, and reliability. The project consists of the following objectives:

  1. Replace air handling unit (AHU-3A) and heat recovery system, as well as modify main ductwork and controls. AHU-3A system encompasses Air Handling Units, heat recovery, exhaust fans, terminal units and main duct distribution. Project will ensure pressure relationship, temperature and humidity levels remain compliant with VA design criteria in related spaces.
  2. This project will improve the condition of the facility by correcting the deficiency on the Facility Condition Assessment report, (FCA #289304 Mechanical, F rating) with the replacement and modernization of the air handling unit system.
  3. Improve reliability, monitoring, control and energy efficiency. Use non-priority native BACnet DDC controls and variable speed drives. Implement energy optimization control, such as reset of discharge air temperature, optimal start/stop, occupied/unoccupied and economizer modes. Use DDC and variable speed drives. Integrate new Direct Digital Controls (DDC) controls with existing Alerton or Honeywell DDC frontend systems. VA staff shall be able to quickly shut down AHU and air intakes during an emergency response to an airborne contaminant threat. Upgrade SPS terminal unit box controls on AHU-3A system. Install thermostats in common spaces with resets, setback and override. Also, use occupancy sensing in select areas for flow and temperature setback. New automated control system shall provide tight control of temperature, pressure relationships and humidity, providing a quality care environment.


Project Size:   N/A                             

Project Cost:   $715,000