Harrell Design Group’s team of commissioning experts have a significant amount of experience with first and third-party commissioning on a wide variety of projects. Our experience ranges from large clinical healthcare to central energy plants to LEED building commissioning services.

We are very familiar with the new SCO requirements. Unlike many firms, our commissioning team is led by a LEED accredited, professional engineer, who is also a certified commissioning professional. We utilize the widely accepted ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 commissioning process, which provides for comprehensive pre-design and pre-construction services. Our team is comprised of licensed Architects and Engineers, all of whom have significant SCO and DOI design and construction experience.

Today’s projects are more complex than ever, while at the same time, Owner satisfaction levels are lower than ever.

In January 2000, The Economist magazine reported a study on the status of the American construction industry. This article contained the following quote…

From The Economist, January 13th, 2000 print edition

“Anyone who has ever hired a builder knows that even the simplest job tends to be leagued by cost overruns and delays. And the bigger the project, the bigger the problems: according to one estimate, inefficiencies, mistakes, and delays account for $200 billion of the $650 billion spent on construction in America every year…”

Harrell Design Group, PC (HDG), a certified Historically Underutilized Business, believes that a new approach to construction project delivery is required to address this costly and frustrating problem. One component of this new approach is whole building commissioning. However, traditional commissioning as provided by most firms does not fully address this problem.

HDG provides a unique, enhanced commissioning service that specifically addresses this problem. We provide a comprehensive approach to commissioning, starting with the development of the Owner’s Project Requirements Document (OPR), and continuing through post-occupancy evaluations. We believe that this level of service, when applied to the whole building, can save as much as 10% on the cost of your project.

Additionally, our uniquely qualified team and our unique process will provide:
• Fewer change orders
• Less construction rework, which means fewer schedule delays
• Dramatically easier startup and occupancy
• Fewer occupant complaints (our goal is none)
• Fewer SCO and DOI comments
• A more efficient building that costs less to own and maintain

In these days of constrained capital and repair and renovation budgets, significant project savings can greatly benefit your construction program.


“Harrell Design Group has continued to make dynamic developments around its initial core business based on a strong technical and operational background.”


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