Harrell Design Group maintains a significantly higher Professional Engineer to Technical Support Staff ratio than most firms. Approximately 40 percent of our technical staff are Professional Engineers, with an average experience level exceeding 15 years. Our engineers have extensive experience with the NC State Construction Office, NC Division of Facility Services, SC DHEC, the University of North Carolina System and the Community College System, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, and most other public agencies in North Carolina and South Carolina. We complement our engineers with a specialized administrative support staff to keep our engineers focused on engineering.

An experienced Professional Engineer conducts a programming study for each Harrell Design Group project prior to the start of design, regardless of size. This scope definition document is developed in cooperation with, and approved by the Owner and Architect prior to the preparation of any design documents. The interactive scope definition process includes meetings with the Owner and Architect to evaluate alternatives for all engineering systems. This approach significantly reduces the number of engineering-related changes during the design process and allows us to establish a much better construction budget.


“Harrell Design Group has continued to make dynamic developments around its initial core business based on a strong technical and operational background.”


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