Harrell Design Group’s approach to Master Planning incorporates all disciplines- architectural design, electrical and mechanical engineering and civil engineering. At HDG, Master Planning includes life cycle cost analysis so that each client can make informed decisions with regard to first cost as well as long term operating and maintenance costs. Our architects and engineers coordinate with each client to develop plans which are economically viable and responsive to their individual needs and goals. Every site and every project is different; design solutions must capitalize on what is offered by the site whether it is natural features like streams and rolling terrain or man-made features such as an odd shaped site or a unique streetscape. We strive to create a plan that will grow with the project, allowing each phase to be developed in a logic and cost effective manner. Additionally, our LEED certified designers use their knowledge of the environment and micro and macro climates, as well as new and developing materials and systems, to develop a plan which incorporates low maintenance and energy efficient solutions.

“Harrell Design Group has continued to make dynamic developments around its initial core business based on a strong technical and operational background.”


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