Harrell Design Group’s commissioning teams are led by LEED accredited, professional engineers, who are also accredited commissioning professionals and Building Commissioning Association members. Unique to our firm, we also have licensed architects on our commissioning teams.   We utilize the widely recognized ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 full commissioning process.  It is this commitment to bringing highly qualified professionals, a highly organized process, and a more comprehensive level of service that serves as the foundation for our firm. This process ensures that our commissioning projects provide the following key benefits:

  • Lower overall construction cost
  • Fewer change orders
  • Less project delaying construction rework
  • Dramatically easier startup and occupancy
  • Fewer occupant complaints (our goal is none)
  • Fewer SCO and DOI comments
  • A more efficient building which costs less to own and maintain

To be effective, commissioning must be integrated into the total project team.  The commissioning authority cannot function as an outsider to the team, and must establish relationships and coordination between the Owner, Designer and Contractor, working closely with each to ensure commissioning is implemented in all aspects of the project.  Today’s construction process is often adversarial.  HDG’s skills in building this collaborative process are an important factor in our success.