Project Description

Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center

Construct a Parking Garage

Clarksburg, WV

Project Details


Harrell Design Group, PC is currently providing design services to the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center to construct a new parking structure at the campus of the Clarksburg VA Medical Center. This structure will be for both patient and staff use and will be designed to allow for additional levels at a future date if required. The capturing of existing green space, to provide new surface parking, will also be considered. The project will help to alleviate current issues of blocked walkways and fire lanes due to patient being forced to park their cars illegally. Upgraded area lighting and security cameras will be used to improve patient and staff safety as well as provide safe, accessible, and convenient parking to elderly and handicapped patients. The project will include covered walkways between the parking garage and the main hospital.

Project Cost: $11,400,000