Project Description

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center

Correct Critical FCA Mechanical Deficiencies in Bldg. 801

Augusta, Georgia


Project Details


Harrell Design Group, PC is currently providing design services for the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center to Correct Critical FCA Mechanical Deficiencies in Bldg. 801 in Augusta, GA.  This project will replace old and beyond end of life cycle air handling units (AHUs) in the Downtown facility. AHU numbers 1G, 1F, 1E, 2E, 2D3, 2D4, and 2D2 are all in varying degrees of disrepair and need to be replaced. The most egregious ones have condensate pans that are rusting through and are not serviceable. The chilled water, hot water and steam lines feeding these units must have isolation valves to ensure future maintenance can be achieved without shutting off service to other areas of the facility. Existing fire dampers are not serviceable to three units. Finally, all pneumatic controls shall be replaced with DDC (BacNet) to match the existing system (Metasys) and tied into both building management center and the operations plant. The project will address FCA issues and will make required energy and sustainability upgrades.

Project objectives include:

  •  Replacement of aged AHUs with continued operations for areas served. Phased approach to keep from taxing of adjacent AHU’s and power systems.
  •  Ensuring continued ease of maintenance is central to design. This will include electric, plumbing and, coil cleaning, and filter replacement. All new drives and controls shall be similar to other AHU’s in the facility.
  •  Energy efficiency and cost savings will be considered in all design decisions. Design to applicable sections of the Energy Requirements and Design Guide for specific energy guidance.
  •  Equipment training for maintenance staff and energy engineer.


Project Size: 7,000 SF

Project Cost: $5,000,000