Project Description

Erie VA Medical Center

Boiler Plant Replacement

Erie, PA

Project Details


The Erie VA Medical Center was being served by a central steam plant which was constructed in the 1960’s.  HDG was been contracted to design an upgrade to the existing plant or a new plant.  Since the equipment had exceeded their useful lives, HDG conducted a study to analyze all viable options for the plant upgrade.

The project required an extensive amount of subsurface utility investigation to accommodate a new telecommunications duct bank from the building to the main hospital building, extension of new steam and condensate return piping, and new electrical medium voltage utility feeders. The scope of the investigative work began with an above ground utility survey of storm water and sanitary sewer piping with manhole inverts noted. Following the visible utility survey work, ground penetrating radar and magnetic sensing was used to locate routing of additional utilities. Vacuum excavation was then utilized to locate exact elevations of subsurface piping and utilities. Profiles were then constructed of the new and existing piping systems to verify elevation coordination at crossing points.

The site was particularly congested which required significant individual utility identification at each investigation phase.

Project Size:  9,000 SF                     

Project Cost: $6,480,000