Project Description

Lexington Medical Center

Clinical And Surgical Services Expansion

Columbia, SC

Project Details 


This project included expansion and renovation of all major departments in the hospital including a new Surgery Suite with 21 general operating rooms, two orthopedic, two neurosurgery rooms, and a new Endoscopy Suite. The project also included new central sterile and materials handling areas, and a new post anesthesia care unit. The project included a glycol low-temperature air cooling and dehumidification system for 55°F operating rooms and central HEPA filtration. Also included was an $11 Million addition and renovation to the central energy plant, and relocation of all underground utilities serving the hospital to a new tunnel through a complex utility phasing plan. The project also included a complete replacement of the existing facility fire alarm system. HDG provided master planning for all of the hospital’s utilities for a 10-year timeframe. Previous projects at LMC included an MRI Addition, a Heart Catheterization Suite renovation and a new parking deck.


Project Size: 400,000 SF
Project Cost: $65,000,000