Project Description

Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center

4BS In-Patient Ward Renovation & New Infusion Center

Charleston, SC

Project Details 


HDG provided full service, architecture, engineering, estimating and construction period services for the renovation of approximately 7,500 square feet of an existing inpatient ward at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. The renovated ward includes specialized spinal cord injury care rooms and greatly improves patient comfort and privacy. Included are 16 single patient bedrooms with private bathrooms and 2 double patient rooms with adjoining bathrooms.

The completed ward includes tuberculosis isolation rooms, renovation of obsolete congregate bathrooms into storage and service spaces, and conversion of inefficient administrative space into a new Infusion Center.

Building System improvements include the replacement of electrical panels and closets, removal of the existing induction system and replacement with variable speed drive HVAC unit and controls, and new nurse call and medical gas systems.

The project required a glove bag abatement of asbestos-containing insulating materials and encapsulation of asbestos-containing flooring materials. The project was constructed in multiple phases to allow for minimal interruption of all services. The Infusion Center was completed first so that patients could receive treatment in an area that was completely isolated from construction activity.


Project Size: 8,300 SF
Project Cost: $4,000,000